Urban Corporis


A book of Architecture, Art, Philosophy and Urban studies to nourish the Urban Body.

GU supported the first number of Urban Corporis, a book by IUVAS and edited by Mickeal Milocco Borlini, Lelio di Loreto.

Here an excerpt from the introduction:

“This pamphlet brings together the contributions of architects, researchers and artists from all over the world. The common ground of discussion is the city analyzed in its less explored “folds” becoming the ground for experimentation and research.

The work is divided into three parts: Theories – Report – Visions.

The three categories bring together authors who have had, in their specificity, a reading experience of the city belonging to a similar field of action. The Theories part has a theoretical approach overlapping with an operative study of possible interventions in the urban fabric; an historical analysis seems to play a key role in all theses.

The Report focuses on the residual spaces of the city; the relationship between art and architecture seems to be the solution of this spatial rebus, even if it leads to always different results.

Visions is a collection of future projections, fast images and critical readings of the city. Through drawings, photomontages and photographs we tried to expose the most significant aspects of different urban situations. These materials together do not want to give solutions but they want to ask new questions, being conscious that curi0sity remains necessary for any kind of progress”.

Here you can download the book and here the print on demand.